Space inhalation system for horses


SALTair_cavallo_tour 5star, das Powersystem für überall.

Conveniently placed in a equine box or trailer, the SALTair_cavallo 5star produces the finest brine mist for a pleasant climate. It is not even necessary to separate the area. SALTair_cavallo relies on gentle inhalation with a 3-4% brine solution. Higher dosages are technically possible, but should always be clarified with a doctor beforehand regarding necessity, duration and possible irritation and should always be carried out under professional supervision. The gentle SALTair_cavallo climate allows the animals to inhale in their familiar environment without putting on a mask so that after regular use the animals get used to the almost silent system and also eat hay.

According to the motto: Brine pure and electricity on. Does the SALTair_cavallo_tour 5star deliver its full power, even for a room inhalation up to 35sqm with impressively fast brine saturation.


Measuring 60x30x45cm (LxWxH) and weighing approximately 7kg, the SALTair_cavallo_tour 5star can be quickly moved or carried in any car or trailer, thanks to its carry case with extendable handle and wheels. During operation, the system operates almost silently.


The system is controlled conveniently by remote control. The potion is designed for a volume of 15 litres. Depending on the weather, temperature and humidity, the brine consumption is approx. 1.6 litres per hour.

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