for SALTair_cavallo

Power AKKU System

Lithium-ion battery 750Wh the power source for the SALTair_cavallo, whenever there is no power outlet. The Power AKKU for the SALTair_cavallo serves as a mobile power supply.

Features and versatility:

-Robust high performance battery for leisure, work & the SALTair_cavallo or other therapy system such as a shock wave therapy system
-Flexible charging function via power supply unit
-Charging of different devices also possible in parallel.
-Simultaneous charging and discharging of the  is supported (see technical data for details).
-LCD display for remaining capacity and active inputs and outputs. High-quality charging and discharging electronics. Protection circuits for deep discharge, overload and short circuit.
-High quality and long battery life due to the use of high-quality lithium-ion cells.
-Lighter, longer life, safer, more environmentally friendly and more portable than conventional heavy lead batteries. The power battery weighs only 7.6kg due to the use of high capacity cells with compact dimensions of 35x16x28.5cm.
-Scope of delivery: Mobile energy storage Power AKKU 750Wh, 1x power supply, 1x manual
-Warranty of the manufacturer according to instructions 12 months!

You can charge the Power AKKU 750Wh with a power supply unit. With the power supply unit (24.5V 150W) this takes approx. 6 hours. If you are on the road or no mains power is available, you can also charge the system with solar energy via a special charging socket (OPTIONAL). With a solar panel (30-36V 40-200W, not included in delivery), this can take 5 to 25 hours (optimum conditions assumed). The system detects the incoming power and activates automatically. In combination with a suitable solar panel, the energy storage tank can thus be optimally charged even under changing weather conditions.


What possibilities do I have to charge devices:

The system offers a variety of connection options. Outstanding are the two 230V/50Hz Schuko sockets to which you can connect your devices directly. With a maximum load of 500 watts (starting power 1200 watts), you can operate or charge many devices, such as the SALTair_cavallo

In addition, the energy storage unit has two 12V round sockets and a 12V car output.

There are also three further connections available for USB charging. From 1A to 2.4A you can also charge your devices in parallel.


Suitable for many applications: The flexible outputs make this Powerbank a flexible power supply. Whether for 220V, 12V or 5V devices, you have found the right solution.

The built-in 3 Watt LED light has five different modes. You can change between 100%, 50%, 25%, emergency interval or SOS signal via the switch of the LED light.